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Foresee Communications LLC goes beyond fixing typos and applying grammar rules. The optimal function of each word, punctuation, and style element is considered so final products are more than error-free. When words are carefully chosen and supported by correct grammar, readers will quickly comprehend and remain engaged with key ideas. Language creates the author’s voice, which becomes the trusted connection between writer and reader. Language also establishes the tone of the writing, which creates the mood of individual sections or the entire manuscript. An author’s credibility is established, readers readily absorb content, and effective communication is achieved when all elements are attended by thoughtful writing and editing.


Readers must stay on a clear path to the central ideas and objectives of writing. A strong supportive structure of clear sentences, logical section breaks, full manuscript organization, and steady pacing will keep readers on track to fully receiving ideas. Structural elements include headings, titles, sections, and sensible paragraph breaks that serve as guideposts for readers. Specializing in development editing, I establish a comfortable and progressive pacing and eliminate wordiness, redundancy, and verbose phrasing so readers do not get lost in lengthy expression and lose focus on the meaning.


From initial concept onward, I bring professional supervision and coordination to many types of publishing and communications projects. Continually learning and growing, I have a 20+ year history of managing teams and projects for print and digital publishing. Through professional industry memberships and continued education, I stay current with publishing industry news, design practices, language and style trends, and printing methods so each project is offered the best methods, which can be tailored for budget and timelines. Professional production editing includes support in project development, writing supplemental material, project tracking, managing timelines, collaborating with designers, editing, proofreading, collating revisions, final file prep, and printer submission. Copyright consult and Library of Congress registration is also offered.

Renee Ergazos  Owner & Managing Editor

For corporate clients, I have written and edited an expansive variety of content, from corporate histories and speeches to brochures and proposals, including government and community outreach. Beyond editing and writing…


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