Helping experts put their ideas into words that inspire action.


Convey important ideas while trusting that language, grammar, and production will be expertly handled. I bring decades of expertise in production management, writing, all levels of editing, and design background to many types of print and digital communications. My approach to work is client-oriented and outcome driven, while my approach to content is reader-focused. I will respect your time, honor your story, reinforce your brand’s voice, and polish your words so your message is direct and your tone resonates with your audience.

For corporations with established communications departments, Foresee Communications LLC can provide extra support for large projects or can be an occasional on-demand collaborator to meet the timelines and needs of special projects. For small businesses, associations, and nonprofits, I can support your mission by providing decades of publishing industry knowledge and writing/editing expertise. Foresee Communications LLC can be your on-call content expert so your staff can focus on its message while all communications are professionally managed and optimally conveyed to your audience.


Authors of individual articles, chapters, presentations, and full manuscripts can submit for publication knowing that the merit of their work is not blemished by grammatical errors, incoherent logic, or poor style adherence. Authors can focus on communicating their area of expertise while their important work is enhanced with precise expression, correct grammar, total style adherence, proper table and figure format, and accurate references/citations.

For academic publishers looking for production management and copy editing support, Foresee Communications LLC brings 27 years of academic publishing experience. In addition to all levels of copy editing, I specialize in managing projects and teams: training, tracking, and scheduling; working directly with authors; creating and revising house style guides; applying full production and design processes; and working with review editors, permissions, printers, and the Library of Congress.

Experienced in the following style guides: APA, AMA, Chicago, CSE, MLA, Harvard Bluebook.


For nonfiction trade books, white papers, articles, web pages, self-publishing, and other long-form content, a manuscript evaluation can provide critical insight into structure, language, phrasing, and tone: the crucial elements that keep readers engaged and make meaning clear. Authors will benefit from a discerning critique as they revise and clarify their audience and approach their revisions with consistent language and writing that reinforces credibility and builds a clarified structure of logic and development.

Manuscript evaluations include two read-throughs. The first entails extensive note taking with consideration for your audience/market and a written analysis and suggestions for the book’s overall essential elements such as tone, word choice, credibility, structure, and pacing. The second read results in a chapter-by-chapter analysis and includes itemized comments and questions addressing specific instances of voice, clarity, wording, reorganizing content, headings/sections, graphics, and documentation. A style sheet will be created and returned with the evaluation and will become your property. Manuscripts will not be edited for grammar, usage, agreement, tense, spelling, consistency, or punctuation, but these elements will be discussed in general so they can be addressed before actual editing begins. Project rates for evaluations include one round of follow-up communications (email or phone) to clarify any items on the written evaluation.


Foresee Communications LLC has established partnerships with graphic designers and printers. If you prefer to bring your own designer to the project, I have decades of experience working with designers from around the world and a strong focus on the best design principles that suit various forms of content.


Rates for most services fall in range with those stated on the Editorial Freelancers Association website page titled Editorial Rates. Rates will vary depending on the scope of work, timeline of assignment, and level of expertise required.

Types of content

Academic Editing
  • Ancillary materials
  • Case studies
  • Catalogs
  • Conference proceedings
  • Conference posters and presentations
  • Cover letters
  • Course outlines
  • Exams
  • Handbooks
  • Individual articles
  • Instructor’s manuals
  • Introductory and summary matter
  • Journals

  • Literature review

  • Medico-Legal reports

  • Multi-author works
  • Revise and resubmit

  • Study guides

  • Syllabi

  • Textbooks

Corporate Communications

  • B2B

  • B2C

  • Bios

  • Blogs

  • Brochures

  • Bulletins

  • Case studies

  • Catalogs

  • Conferences

  • Copy writing

  • Ghost writing

  • Handbooks

  • Interviews

  • Manuals

  • Newsletters

  • PowerPoint

  • Presentations

  • Product guides

  • Proposals

  • SMEs

  • Speeches

  • Storytelling

  • Technical

  • Trade books

  • Web content

  • White papers


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