In 1996, I began 11 years of foundational, onstaff experience working as an editor and writer for a social science publisher in Los Angeles. In 2001, I began offering editing and production management directly to authors and publishers. Serving as managing editor, copy editor, and production editor for textbooks and journals, I have worked for leading academic publishers, including Oxford University Press and Sage Publications. I have edited over 50 higher-ed textbooks, guided over 70 trade books to publication, managed 7 academic journals, copy edited hundreds of scholarly articles, and collaborated on 5 international museum exhibits, all working with global teams of authors, publishers, printers, and designers.
For corporate clients, I have written or edited an expansive variety of content, from corporate histories and speeches to brochures and proposals, including government and community outreach. Beyond editing and writing, I have worked as an archivist managing 16,000+ documents, represented publishers and authors at conferences, founded and taught a youth poetry program in Virginia, and served as a judge and presenter for my county park district’s annual writing competition.
I hold a B.A. in English with a minor in creative writing from Kent State University, have coursework in the UCLA Department of Journalism, and completed Harvard Law School’s CopyrightX Course on intellectual property law in 2015.
“Renee Ergazos is a master editor, wordsmith, and project manager. Renee is great with people, and developed strong, productive relationships with our authors. She is very adaptable and can work with anyone.”

Claude Teweles, Former CEO, Roxbury Publishing Company

We are appreciative of the careful and high quality attention that Renee Ergazos brought to her duties as production editor.

— Ronald L. Akers and Christine S. Sellers, Criminological Theories, Fourth Edition

“Her creativity in applying her editorial expertise—even to mapping, literally, the world represented in the book—served as an invaluable bridge between author and readers. She invested herself wholly in putting her well-developed skills in service of the author’s words, with not one left unattended—again, literally—and in getting them out into the world in a way that was most mindful of its intended readers. Renee’s deep regard for the material and respect for the author, combined with her professional mediation on behalf of its intended audience, contributed to a richly productive collaborative process.”

Patricia Coulter, D.Min.

“As the author or editor of more than a dozen textbooks for a variety of different publishing houses, I found Renee to be the most competent, professional and dedicated copy editor with whom I have had the pleasure to work. . . . Renee has first rate technical skills. I found her to be an excellent copy editor, with a sensitive eye, who consistently made good catches and made me feel supported by someone who truly cared about the professional quality of the publication I had produced.”

-Linda Lederman, Beyond These Walls: Readings in Health Communication

“Having a second set of eyes reviewing one’s draft in painstaking detail, especially the eyes of a pro like Renee, is a key step toward publishing a quality book.No matter how certain  an author might be about the quality of his or her draft, having Renee’s considerable skills applied to improve it adds tremendously to the professionalism of the final product.”

-B. P. Long and Foster Realtors

Renee has been my editor extraordinaire on this book. Keeping me focused, giving my voice clarity, and cutting through the dense jungle of my mind’s words has been a source of encouragement and delight. You’ve made me a much better author. Without your constant feedback and surgical skills, this book would not have been possible. Gratitude is an understatement.”

Keith Cronin, Founder SunHedge (now SunEdison)


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